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rooney_love's Journal


hi I'm alex.
I'll like you more if you call me lux.

my favourite show ever!
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If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!
I can never make up my mind. about anything.
I'm happy because of the little things.
I love FILM, breakfast for dinner, reading, exercise, fresh air.
I hate being cold and I hate cucumbers.

28 days later, a lot like love, adele, aliens, angela chase, anne of green gables, arcade games, arizona green tea, arm wrestling, bare feet, beaches, birthday cake, books, brian krakow, bridget jones, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, carrie bradshaw, chronicles of narnia, clifton hill, cookaism, cornfields, cowboys, dance dance revolution, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, degrassi: the next generation, dinosaurs, dirty little secrets, dreams, exercise, fashion, felicity in the morning, figure skating, fortune cookies, freaks & geeks, fred and george weasley, gavin degraw, gilbert blythe, gossip girl, harry potter, hope floats, hot tubbing, how to deal, imogen heap, indian food, insomnia, jennifer garner, jeopardy!, jimmy eat world, joan of arcadia, justin timberlake, kate winslet, kristen bell, laguna beach, lists, logan echolls, looking for alaska, lost, mean girls, my so-called life, narnia, noses in books, peter pan, photography, post it notes, project runway, random acts of kindness, raspberry filled timbits, robots, ron weasley, rooney, sarah michelle gellar, sex & the city, shoes, showering with lights off, silly drunken nights, simplicity, sixteen candles, sleeping, smarties, snowmen, soccer, sociology, sofa dancing, sound of music, spinner mason, stick on earrings, subtitles, summer, taco bell, tea, the amazing race, the baudelaires, the breakfast club, the goonies, the hills, the time traveler's wife, the veronicas, thunder storms, toronto, truth or dare jenga, uglies, unicorns, vampires, veronica mars, volleyball, walks, wizard of oz, you are beautiful, zelda, zombies